Alexander Technique Teacher Training Course

We are now accepting applications for the Balance Arts Center Alexander Technique Teacher Training Course. 

Alexander Technique Teacher Training Course

The Balance Arts Center’s Alexander Technique Teacher Training Course offers the highest standard of teacher training in the Alexander Technique. We create an uplifting and inspiring environment where optimal learning takes place and students can better embody the principles of the technique.

The Alexander Technique is a method of thinking and learning that improves and refines one’s own sensory awareness and use.  It examines students’ overall and specific posture, functioning, and coordination, while addressing the fundamental aspects of all of our psychophysical actions. Refined use enhances one’s ability to accomplish any activity. Performing artists such as musicians, singers, and dancers, as well as athletes immediately recognize how their own functioning affects the quality and outcome of their performance. At the same time, students will notice improved productivity at their desks, while walking, and in accomplishing other daily activities.  

Becoming a teacher of the Alexander Technique allows you to dive deeper into the study of the Alexander Technique principles as they apply to yourself.  Teaching also allows you to assist others in improving their use and in finding more skill and ease in whatever activity they choose to do.  Students who complete the teacher training course will be proficient in hands-on work, have strong pedagogical skills as well as a good understanding of the theory and history of the technique.  

The course includes 1600 hours of instruction within a 3-5 year period. The student-teacher ratio averages 5 students to 1 teacher. Graduating students from the BAC Course are eligible for certification through The American Society of the Alexander Technique (AmSAT).


The Balance Arts Center’s Teacher Training Course is designed to teach the principles of the Alexander Technique theoretically and practically.

Areas of focus include:

  • the trainee’s own use

  • hands-on work

  • movement observation and analysis

  • survey and discussion of Alexander’s writings and literature related to AT

  • teaching and learning theory

  • communication skills

  • basic anatomy and kinesiology

  • developmental movement

  • sensory awareness

  • vocal production

  • presentation skills

  • applications to daily life

  • student’s areas of interest

Additionally, the knowledge of the Alexander Technique is applied to activities such as dance technique and training, general performance awareness, writing/typing, walking/running, office work, public speaking, playing of musical instruments, fitness activities and daily tasks.

The course structure includes group classes, private lessons, supervised teaching, observational outings and readings.


  • 1600 course hours

  • Hours to be completed within a 3-5 year period.

  • The course runs from after Labor Day to mid-July. There are breaks throughout the year.

  • Morning and evening class sessions are available

  • 30 private lessons are included in the course fee

  • Special workshops, outings and seminars will be scheduled as part of the 1600 hours.

Students are welcome to join the course at any time during the year.


Tuition: $8,000 per year

Total Tuition Cost: $24,000

Payment plans available

Books and class outings are additional fees average around $200 per year.


All teaching assistants are graduates of the Balance Arts Center Teacher Training Course.

Thomas Baird is a Historical Dance specialist, and is the co-director of Apollo’s Banquet, a New York City-based Baroque dance and music ensemble. For ten years, he directed the East Coast Baroque Dance Workshop at Rutgers University. Mr. Baird is a regular guest lecturer on Baroque Dance at The Juilliard School, Mannes School of Music, and the Manhattan School of Music. He is a long-time faculty member of the Opera Division at SUNY Purchase where he teaches Movement Styles for Singers and choreographs the annual opera productions. He is on the faculty of the Hartt School of Music where he also teaches movement for singers. He was the Period Movement Coach for the Broadway productions of O’Neill’s “A Touch of the Poet,” and, at Lincoln Center Theater, Sheridan’s “The Rivals.” He also choreographed period dances for the Metropolitan Opera production of Alfano’s “Cyrano de Bergerac,” starring Placido Domingo. For the past five seasons, he has choreographed and performed period dances for the New York Philharmonic’s Young People’s Concerts at Avery Fisher Hall. Mr. Baird taught Period Dance at the Gelsey Kirkland Academy of Classical Ballet during its inaugural year. Thomas is a certified teacher of the Alexander Technique, having received his training from the Balance Arts Center in NYC, Ann Rodiger, director. He teaches the Alexander Technique privately, and in the Dance Divisions of Purchase College and The Juilliard School. Email:

Jay Foote is a 2013 graduate of the Balance Arts Center. Jay has worked as the webmaster for The Balance Arts Center since 2010. He teaches The Alexander Technique at The Balance Arts Center and out of his home in Brooklyn. Jay is especially interested in working with students interested in mindfulness and singers/musician's interested in wellness. As a professional bassist, he has performed and recorded with many of New York City's finest songwriters and on the Broadway shows Hamilton and Waitress. As a producer, he has recorded and worked with Sandra McCracken, Josh Garrells, Jaymay and Austin Plaine. Website: Email:

Kyra Miller Himmelbaum was certified to teach the Alexander Technique through the Balance Arts Center in May of 2016. An actress and singer, she holds and MFA in acting from the University of Washington in Seattle.  She has taught acting at Tulane University, Montclair State University and the University of Washington. A former dancer, she also taught Pilates for 15 years all over the world (certified in 1999 by the Pilates Center in Boulder, Colorado). Her Alexander practice currently focuses on helping performers find greater expression and freedom in their work. Website: Email:

Pyeng Threadgill

Sarah White-Ayon


A minimum of 10 lessons or equivalent in the Alexander Technique.


Click here for an application form.  

To apply send inquiries and applications to:


Ann Rodiger, Director

Balance Arts Center

151 W 30th St. 3rd Fl

New York, NY 10001

Ann Rodiger is the founder and director of the Balance Arts Center and the BAC Alexander Technique Teacher Training Program. She has been teaching the Alexander Technique since 1981. She also has extensive training in dance, movement analysis and observation, movement fundamentals and awareness, and in Labanotation.

Ann graduated from the Urbana Center for the Alexander Technique. She holds a master’s degree from The Ohio State University and a bachelor’s degree from the University of Oregon and has taught at several major universities including Illinois-Champaign, Hawaii-Manoa, and Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Currently, she runs the BAC and directs its Teacher Training Course. She also has private Alexander Technique practices in New York City, Berlin, and Antwerp.